Punto Limpio y Reciclaje

Recycling Points in Benferri

Most common recyclable materials

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles. Bottle of detergent, shampoo, gel ... The potato bags. Plastic caps and plugs Plastic bags (except garbage bags) Yogurt tubs and lids


Did you know that 6 briks can make a shoe box? Recycling the milk or juice carton is very simple. We just have to deposit it in the yellow container and thus give them a second life.


This type of container is always present in our kitchen. Who doesn't have a can of soda or canned food in the fridge? The cans are made of aluminum and can be recycled an unlimited number of times. To the yellow container!

Paper and cardboard packaging

Journals Old newspapers Cereal boxes Shoe boxes Wrapping paper Notebooks


Glass bottles (wine, cava ...) Glass jars (such as perfumes or colognes) Food jars (jams, preserves, etc.)

Batteries and batteries

We can find them daily on the TV remote, the computer mouse or on the razor and we should never throw them away with the rest of the waste. They have highly polluting components, so it is very important to take them to the hazardous waste containers that we have closer to home or to the clean point.

También puedes ...

Enter knows the rule of the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

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