Short Films on the Environment

Pollution of the Animated World

A magnificent short to show how human greed causes serious changes in ecosystems that we can avoid with measure and common sense.


A Princess in Trouble / Princess in Trouble

Story to raise awareness about the need to avoid global warming


El Refrigerador Chillie / Runaway (Animated Short Film) Spanish

A different story about a nice old refrigerator that makes us wonder: do we dispose of or repair?


Climate change. An advertisement from the Biodiversity Foundation

A short film to raise awareness about the importance of our way of life in climate change.


Tabula Rasa - Short

Short film that narrates the struggle of a robot to preserve the life of a plant in a hostile environment.


The plastic bag (Plastic Bag) - Subtitles in Spanish

The story of a plastic bag that travels under the oceans into the North Pacific garbage vortex.


"Choiba" Animated short in favor of the protection of wildlife

Animated short for the protection of wildlife


The Forest

This short film tells the story of a girl who imagines her life if she lived far from society in a magical forest, and thus get away from the problems of the real world.

Feed: The world’s best animated short film from Thailand.

A reflection on the way we feed ourselves with a surprising ending.


Awareness campaign to encourage recycling

Nice short to raise awareness about the need to recycle and separate waste.

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