Some App of Interest

Urbi, an app for a more sustainable mobility

All urban mobility in one application: car, scooter, scooter, shared bike + public transport and taxi.

With URBI you can:
– Easily manage diverse mobility on the map
– Manage your favorite providers, access your accounts and reserve your chosen vehicles (for those supported providers)
– enjoy our new store, where you can find exclusive mobility offers
– Manage your profile data and payment methods
– keep track of travel and purchase history

Too Good To Go, to reduce food waste

Every year, a third of the food produced globally is literally thrown away. At Too Good To Go we declare war on food waste, allowing establishments to sell their excess food at discounted prices, instead of throwing it away.

Millions of foods have already been saved through Too Good To Go! Do you like to eat well and cheaply? Are you worried about the environment? So what are you waiting for to download the app and join the revolution?

How does it work?

1. Find an establishment that you like and place your order by paying through the app.
2. Pick up your food during the established hours.
3. Enjoy your food, knowing that you are also helping to preserve the environment.

A.I.R.e, the smart recycling assistant from Ecoembes

.I.R-e is the Ecoembes Virtual Recycling Assistant that solves all your recycling questions.
It helps you to know, immediately in which recycling container each waste is thrown.
Do not hesitate again when deciding the garbage can to recycle. Yellow container, blue container or green container? Each item must be placed in the appropriate garbage can for recycling!

iHuerting Start - Take care of your Urban Garden

iHuerting is not just another app with information about the garden.
Your smartphone will remind you for each of your plants in a personalized way the tasks that you must carry out in your urban garden.
You will access the best tips and recipes related to the fabulous world of the urban garden.

How does it work?
Very easy. You must indicate in iHuerting which plants you have, and you will receive alerts of when to water, fertilize and apply pest prevention treatments in each of your plants. It will also recommend a plant to add to your garden according to the date you consult.


It is a free application developed in Latin America by WWF and the local Guatemalan NGO Defensores de la Naturaleza that allows reducing water consumption during showering.

It is based on a song that lasts less than five minutes and that guides the steps that a person must follow to shower without wasting water. Its creators realized that, on average, a person takes a shower between 10 and 12 minutes and uses an average of 200 liters of water. With this application this time is reduced to less than 5 minutes, saving up to 130 liters of water in each shower. Per year, this translates into a reduction of 47,450 liters of water per person.

Plume Labs: Air Pollution

What is the air quality today? When is the best time to go for a run in the park? And what will the level of air pollution be on my next vacation?

Plume Labs allows you to know the level of air pollution in your environment, showing the level of pollution in each street of the largest urban areas in the world, and detailing how the pollution will evolve in the next 72 hours, like a weather forecast.

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