The rule of the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse)

We are immersed in the culture of use and disposal, and in the garbage that we generate every day (each person generates an average of 360 kgs per year) are the resources that we will soon miss. With this rule we contribute to caring for the environment, specifically reducing the volume of waste and / or garbage that we generate. It is very easy to follow, since it only has three steps: reduce, reuse and recycle and it is, in short, that we put this slogan into practice in this order of importance


It involves simplifying the consumption of direct products, that is, consuming less, avoiding buying new or fashionable objects that will surely end up in the trash, and therefore, polluting. It also means reducing our use of water and energy, since we will use less of these resources and generate less pollution. For example, instead of buying 6 small bottles of a drink, you can get one or two large ones, having the same product but less packaging.

– Useful advice: do not ask for bags in supermarkets unless necessary, reduce paper consumption by taking advantage of both sides or printing what is strictly necessary, etc.


With imagination or internet tutorials we can reuse things and give them the greatest possible use before it is time to get rid of them, either by repairing them or using our imagination to give them another use and thus avoid buying new things, decreasing the volume of garbage. This task is usually the one that receives the least attention and is one of the most important.

– Useful advice: The water we use to wash the vegetables, we can also use it to water the plants, donate books to Libraries or corssbooking instead of throwing them away, readapt those furniture that are out of date, take advantage of the glass jars of vegetables or sauces to store salt, sugar and other types of food, etc.


At Benferri we can recycle a large part of those things that we discard to put them through a process in which they can be reused, significantly reducing the generation and use of new materials. Materials such as glass can be recycled up to 40 times for example (these materials take between 300 and 600 years to disappear if they are not recycled). In the case of recycling batteries, watches and mobile phones, we must ask at the Town Hall where we can deposit it. Because they are considered hazardous and / or toxic materials for the management of these wastes.

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