Benferri Green Spaces

Think green and enjoy our landscapes, don't you know them?

EcoBenferri opens your eyes to the wonderful environment where we live, an eminently agricultural and disconnected territory.

From the EcoBenferri project, we are promoting citizen participation in promoting routes, parks, places and public gardens, based on the exchange of information.

Disconnect and enjoy

Arboreal mass far from the municipal nucleus of Benferri, where stone pines and holm oaks abound. It is a magnificent watchtower, whose real name is “Cabezo de Ros”, from which the wide perspective of the Vega Baja is offered. The walks to the place and the convivial meals among the neighbors are frequent.

Leisure and recreation area where festive activities are carried out, such as pilgrimages and convivial days.

Square with a temple and a magnificent fountain incorporated in the center.

It is a natural bed where rainwater flows when they are abundant, it is connected to the Chicamo river. The riverside vegetation is interesting, such as reeds, tars, oleanders.

The environment of the orchard makes Benferri an ideal place for cycling excursions, among lemon and orange trees. A labyrinth of roads and paths facilitate a leisurely walk between crops, barracks, water wheels, dams and ditches, traces of time abandoned by civilizations and peoples that opened the first furrows of the earth.

Did you know...

The Provincial Council of Alicante has two natural spaces where camping with tents is allowed. These are “El Plano”, in the municipality of Sax and “El Castellet”, in the municipality of Castell de Castells.

These are natural areas, without surveillance or electrical or light connection points, which have toilets with showers. The use of these is exclusively for registered and authorized users, to whom the key will be provided upon arrival.

Camping is completely free, and it is necessary to make a prior online reservation on this page (by clicking on the banner on the right), at least two days before the expected arrival date.

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