Sustainable Mobility

Think green and enjoy our landscapes, don't you know them?

It is difficult to imagine a city without vehicles on the streets. Cars, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles have become one more element of any urban landscape. However, its high use to move has a high environmental cost.

The increase in polluting gas emissions caused by transport is of increasing concern to public administrations, as it is considered a public health issue.

For this reason, despite being a rural and desolate area, the Benferri City Council is committed to promoting sustainable mobility of people and goods, through more energy efficient and less polluting means of transport: you can get anywhere in Benferri by bicycle , rollerblading or walking without complications.

Better car sharing: Using collective transport and car sharing systems, we will be more efficient and sustainable in our journeys.

It consolidates and favors the expansion of the bicycle as a general and daily mode of transport in the “town”.
Why not try the bike? The bicycle is a healthy and sustainable way of traveling (even, with the right accessories, it can also be used to carry girls and boys); it does not pollute and is ideal for moving around Benferri. European capitals such as Copenhagen or Amsterdam are a good example of this and more and more cities are adapting their streets and roads to bicycle transport.

What if you use an electric vehicle?

Electric motorcycles, cars and vans are an alternative to traditional vehicles, but with the advantage that they do not generate carbon dioxide emissions and make practically no noise. In our region, the network of recharging points is increasingly wide and the closest point is in La Murada (C / Siete de Julio)

Recharge your vehicle here

La Murada (C/ Siete de Julio) 

Recharge your vehicle here

Barrio de San Carlos, Polígono de Puente Alto, Orihuela

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